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Orcacle9i Database:New Features For Administrators: 1Z0-030 Exam

  • Exam Number: 1Z0-030
  • Exam Price: US$ 195
  • Duration: 105 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Passing Score: 50%

Exam Topics

Oracle Server Security
[  ]     Explain the new privileged connection options
[  ]     Describe the new security features and their application: Secure Application Role, Global Context, Partitioned Fine

Grain Access Control, Fine Grained Auditing
[  ]    Describe the optional security products

General High Availability Technology
[  ]    Explain new features designed to harden the database against unplanned downtime
[  ]    Describe minimal I/O recovery
[  ]    Describe fast-start time-based recovery limit
[  ]    Explain the new Oracle Flashback feature
[  ]    Describe Resumable Space Allocation
[  ]    Describe the new Export/Import features

Oracle9i LogMiner Enhancements
[  ]    Explain LogMiner new features: DDL statement support, dictionary staleness detection, ability to use an online dictionary, ability to skip log corruptions
[  ]    Describe the LogMiner Viewer

Backup and Recovery
[  ]    Describe new RMAN manageability features: new backup enhancements, new restore/recovery enhancements
[  ]    Describe new RMAN reliability features: Block media recovery (BMR), Trial Recovery
[  ]    Describe other RMAN improvements

Oracle9i Data Guard
[  ]     Explain the Oracle9i Data Guard Architecture
[  ]     Configure the physical Standby Database in no-data- loss mode
[  ]    Initiate a Database Switchover operation
[  ]    Setup automatic archive gaps detection
[  ]    Launch managed recovery mode in the background
[  ]    Apply a delay to redo application on the standby site

Database Resource Manager Enhancements
[  ]     Automatically detect long running operations
[  ]     Automatically limit resource consumption other than CPU and DOP

Online Operations
[  ]    Discuss new features designed to reduce planned downtime
[  ]     Explain online index rebuild new functionality
[  ]    Explain online functionality for index-organized tables (IOTs)
[  ]    Describe online table redefinitions
[  ]     Explain online analyze validate
[  ]    Describe the use of the Server Parameter File (SPFILE)

Segment Management (Part I)
[  ]    Use the automatic global index maintenance feature
[  ]    Explain the use of external tables
[  ]    Use the new LIST partitioning method
[  ]    Explain the basics of meta data Application Programming Interface

Segment Management (Part II)
[  ]    Explain and use the new Automatic Segment-Space Management functionality
[  ]    Create, and use bitmap join indexes

Performance Improvements
[  ]    Use the indexes monitoring feature
[  ]    Describe skip scan index access
[  ]    Describe the cursor sharing enhancements
[  ]    Identify cached execution plans
[  ]    Use the new first rows optimization
[  ]    Gather system statistics

Real Application Clusters
[  ]    Explain Cache Fusion
[  ]    Configure a shared server-side initialization parameter file

File Management
[  ]     Explain the concept and benefits behind Oracle- Managed Files (OMF)
[  ]     Create and manage OMF files
[  ]    Use SQL syntax to remove associated OS files when removing a non-OMF tablespace from the database
[  ]    Create and alter default temporary tablespaces
Tablespace Management
[  ]     Explain the concept of Automatic Undo Management
[  ]    Create and maintain UNDO tablespaces
[  ]    Create and properly use multiple block sizes within a database

Memory Management
[  ]    Set parameters to enable automatic and dynamic sizing of SQL working areas
[  ]     Use new columns and views to gather information regarding SQL execution memory management
[  ]    Describe the allocation and tracking of memory behind a dynamic SGA
Enterprise Manager Enhancements
[  ]     Describe the new look and feel of the Console
[  ]    Use the Console in Standalone mode
[  ]    Explain Enterprise Manager functionality that supports Oracle9i Database features
[  ]    Generate HTML Reports
[  ]    Create User defined events

SQL Enhancements
[  ]     Use ISO/ANSI standard SQL syntax, such as: Joins, CASE expressions, NULLIF, COALESCE, scalar subqueries, MERGE, analytical functions
[  ]    Identify other SQL enhancements, such as: constraint enhancements, FOR UPDATE WAIT
[  ]    Use the enhancements to LOBs and PL/SQL

Globalization Support
[  ]    Describe the new date and time data types
[  ]     Describe the Unicode enhancements
[  ]    Describe the enhanced sorting functionality
[  ]    Use the Character Set Scanner
[  ]     Explain the new byte and character semantics
[  ]    Use the Locale Builder

Database Workspaces
[  ]    Identify the Workspace Manager role
[  ]     Version-enable a table
[  ]    Disable workspace participation for a table
[  ]     Create and assign a workspace
[  ]    Explain Import and Export considerations

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