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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-Y33
Exam Name: Implementing HP Wireless Networks

which feature should you enable to enhance Layer 2 (L2) roaming?

A.    seamless roaming
B.    rapid authentication
C.    WPA2 Opportunistic Key Caching
D.    single network AP hopping

Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button.

You have deployed a guest wireless service in the reception area of a marketing firm. The clients associated with the guest service should be assigned to VLAN 10. When you test the configuration, clients are being assigned IP addresses in the subnet. You view the access controller configuration shown in the exhibit. Which command resolves the issue by correctly associating VLAN 10 with the appropriate interface.?

A.    [sysname-wlan-st-1] port access vlan 10
B.    [sysname-WLAN-ESS1] port access vlan 10
C.    [sysname-GigabitEthernet1/0/1] port access vlan 10
D.    [sysname-Vlan-interface10] port access vlan 10

Answer: B

A financial institution needs to deploy 80 access points in their new building. Since the institution is not interested in purchasing additional wired switches for their LAN infrastructure, which solution should be recommended to manage the access points?

A.    HP A3000-24G-PoE+ Wireless Switch
B.    HP A-WX5002 Access Controller
C.    HP A-WX5004 Access Controller
D.    HP A7500/E7900 Access Controller Module

Answer: C

What is the maximum number of E-MSM controllers that can be configured into a single team?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4
E.    5

Answer: E

In your existing wireless network you have a variety of E-MSM controllers. Which products are capable of supporting teaming? (Select two.)

A.    E-MSM710
B.    E-MSM730
C.    E-MSM750
D.    E-MSM760
E.    E-MSM765zl

Answer: DE

Your controller’s Team Manager has suffered a catastrophic failure and an Interim Manager has been selected. Which action is required to allow the Interim Manager to distribute a new software release to its team members?

A.    The Interim Manager is promoted to Team Manager status.
B.    The Interim Manager is rebooted and reconfigured as the new Team Manager.
C.    The Interim Manager promotes another team member to Team Manager and the new TeamManager uploads the new software to the team members.
D.    Each Team Member is manually upgraded from the Interim Manager.

Answer: A

After completing the configuration and synchronization of all team members, you discover through your initial testing that your APs cannot associate with your team controllers. To solve this problem what should you check?

A.    that your VSC DHCP parameters are set correctly
B.    that you have enabled your local DHCP server on your Team Manager (controller)
C.    that an external DHCP server exists and is operational on your network
D.    that DHCP Relay has been configured on all your team members (controllers)

Answer: C

When would the IP address of the Internet port on an MSM controller be set to “No Address”?

A.    when NAT is enabled
B.    when only authenticated traffic is passing through the Internet port
C.    when NAT is disabled
D.    when only VLAN traffic is passing through the Internet port

Answer: D

In order to create a new VLAN in an MSM controller configuration, which path should you take to access the correct screen?

A.    VSCs>[select a VSC]>VSC Profile
B.    VSCs>VSC bindings>VLANs
C.    Controller>Management>VLANs
D.    Controller>Network>Ports

Answer: D

An HP E-MSM760 Controller receives untagged traffic on its LAN port from a wireless client associated with an access point from another manufacturer. In a WLAN configured with VSCs 1-4, which VSC will be selected to pass this traffic?

A.    VSC 2
B.    VSC 3
C.    VSC 4
D.    default VSC

Answer: D

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