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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-M25
Exam Name: Assessing Web Application Security

What are the Network Authentication techniques supported by WebInspect? (Select three.)

A.    NTLM
B.    Kerberos
C.    htaccess
D.    Cybersafe
E.    HTTP Basic
F.    Retinal Scan

Answer: ABE

Which state will be established once you have successfully authenticated to a Web site?

A.    Normal state
B.    Secure state
C.    Session state
D.    Balance state

Answer: C

Which correctly describes how the HTTP GET method is used?

A.    by the client to initiate a secure connection
B.    by the server to request data from the client
C.    by the client to request data from the server
D.    by the server to initiate a secure connection

Answer: C

How does HTTP differ from HTTPS?

A.    HTTP is sent in plaintext TCP packets, where as HTTPS uses SSL on top of the TCP packets.
B.    HTTPS was created to secure the web server from attackers because HTTP still allows attacks..
C.    A HTTPS request is always from a validated source so it is more reliable than HTTP for secure traffic.
D.    Because HTTP uses TCP it is unsecure. HTTPS does not use TCP packets so third parties cannot modify the traffic.

Answer: A

How are standard regular expressions used in WebInspect?

A.    Regular Expressions are used for formatting reports.
B.    Regular Expressions assign the location of string or value in an HTTP Response.
C.    Regular Expressions are used to match the syntactical characteristics of a set of data.
D.    Regular Expressions are used only when testing for SQL Injection in POST parameters.

Answer: C

What is the purpose of the setting “Enable Active Content in Browser Views”?

A.    It permits the MSIE Helper object to load ActiveX during an assessment.
B.    It permits the execution of Javascript and other dynamic content within the WebInspect GUI.
C.    It permits WebInspect to make live requests against the target server during an assessment.
D.    It permits the user to make live requests and view their responses within the Step-Mode pane.

Answer: B

What are Global Web Form Values?

A.    Global Web Form Values are values applied to a parameter based only on its name and length.
B.    Global Web Form Values are parameter values used to analyze the application server configuration.
C.    Global Web Form Values are values that are susceptible to XSS attacks and require special handling.
D.    Global Web Form Values are common values used in all applications and do not require any special attention.

Answer: A

In the Web Macro Recorder tool, what is the function of the Advanced button in the Toolbar area?

A.    This button allows the user to view detailed information for each captured session.
B.    This button activates Interactive Mode, so the user can step through the login process manually.
C.    This button switches the Web Macro Recorder from recording a Start Macro to recording a Login Macro.
D.    This button enables Interactive Scans, so WebInspect will be able to handle two-factor authentication and/or CAPTCHA.

Answer: A

How do you slow down a scan? Select two.

A.    Turn off the submission of hidden forms.
B.    Increase the Timeouts value and the Retries value.
C.    Switch the Crawl and Audit method from Simultaneous to Sequential.
D.    Drop the Requestor counts to 1 for Crawl threads and for Audit threads.
E.    Change from the Standard scan policy to the Passive scan policy and run an Audit-Only Scan.

Answer: CD

Which regular expression best matches the string 345-12-9876?

A.    \d
B.    \d*.$
C.    \d{3-2-4}
D.    \d{3}-\d{2}-\d{4}

Answer: D

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