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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-219
Exam Name: Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 8 Business Analyst

Which three client types require a locally Installed .srf file?
A.    Web client
B.    Handheld client
C.    Wireless Web client
D.    Mobile Web client
E.    Developer Web client

Answer: D

Which two statements are correct?

A.    Business components contain data for one fundamental business entity in the enterprise
B.    A business component is a collection of related business object that represent a major area of business.
C.    The business consists of UI object definitions that specify the content of user interface.
D.    A view refers to one business component whose data can be viewed and edited through a form
E.    A view display, one or more applets which reference business component from the business

Answer: AE

Which client accesses local .cfg and .srf files and directly accesses a local database and Siebel file System?

A.    Web Client
B.    Wireless Web Client
C.    Dedicated Web Client
D.    Handheld Client

Answer: D

What are the two characteristics of Multitenancy?

A.    Agents cannot manually assume appropriate role based on inbound work items.
B.    It allows a Call Center agent to support multiple clients at once.
C.    It allows users to navigate through multi-interactions.
D.    It requires users to change position to access appropriate data.
E.    It allows up-to-date overview of customer service effectiveness.

Answer: AB

What is used to capture relationships between Siebel database tables?

A.    Index
B.    User key
C.    Primary key
D.    Foreign key

Answer: D

For which three types of Siebel objects can a user perform assessments?

A.    Partners
B.    Service Requests
C.    Accounts
D.    Contacts
E.    Opportunities
F.    Activities

Answer: CDE

You are completing a solution to a business requirement, which includes a Siebel workflow process. This workflow updates accounts records with updated corporate information and must run weekly for all accounts. What would be the best method for invoking the workflow?

A.    By a run-time event
B.    Using a custom control
C.    By a workflow policy
D.    Using the workflow simulator

Answer: C

What information does Siebel Audit Trail NOT display for an audited record?

A.    The ID of users who perform operations on the record
B.    The operations that are performed on the record
C.    Before and after values of the record’s modified fields
D.    The last name of the users who perform operations on the record
E.    The time and date that the record was operated on

Answer: D

Which is the correct term for a list of task steps grouped under a common display name?

A.    Task Group
B.    Task Set
C.    Task Chapter
D.    Task Unit
E.    Task Book

Answer: C

You have the choice of doing Single Instance Deployment Architecture or a Multiple Instance Deployment Architecture. You have chosen the Single Instance Deployment. Select two benefits of a Single Instance Deployment.

A.    It provides a consistent view of all global data.
B.    A single database can be taken offline without impacting other regions.
C.    A single database can support multiple languages.
D.    Multiple databases support resilience.
E.    It minimizes demands on communication bandwidths.

Answer: AC

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