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Vendor: Hitachi
Exam Code: HH0-240
Exam Name: Hitachi Data Systems Implementation – Entry Level Enterprise

What is the purpose of the “raidcom” command on the HUS VM?

A.    storage provisioning
B.    preparing parts replacement
C.    collecting performance data
D.    setting up HiTrack communication

Answer: A

When is a microcode exchange process complete on an HUS VM?

A.    After the SVP has rebooted.
B.    When all I/Os resume across all the mapped storage paths.
C.    When the “Ready” LED turns green.
D.    When the message “Normal End” is displayed.

Answer: D

A customer wants to suppress page migration for a certain Hitachi Dynamic Tiering volume on an HUS VM. What should you do?

A.    Set the Multi-Tier Pool to Disable.
B.    Set Tier Management to Auto.
C.    Set Tier Relocation to Disable.
D.    Set Tier Migration to Disable

Answer: C

Which two apply when performing a microcode exchange on an HUS VM? (Choose two.)

A.    Update the SVP microcode last.
B.    Disconnect the SVP from the customer LAN.
C.    Check the SVP Maintenance Screen for any failed parts.
D.    Confirm that all components are at the correct starting code level.

Answer: CD

What would you use to determine the recommended amount of cache for a specific HUS VM configuration?

A.    HiFire
B.    SearchLight
C.    Maintenance Manual
D.    HiConfig
Answer: C

Which two statements describe the purpose of an action code (ACC) on the HUS VM? (Choose two.)

A.    It provides a link to the Work ID.
B.    It contains the SIM message.
C.    It contains the part location.
D.    It provides detailed error information.

Answer: AC

A storage administrator must provision storage to Windows and Linux hosts using the same ports.
Which action should be performed?

A.    Register Windows and Linux hosts into the same Host Group.
B.    Enter host names so WWNs will be automatically populated.
C.    Register Windows and Linux hosts into different Host Groups.
D.    Set a LU path for hosts that are not registered in Host Groups.

Answer: C

A customer has virtualized a USP behind an HUS VM. Which two actions are enabled by Universal Volume Manager? (Choose two.)

A.    Format external volumes.
B.    Disconnect external volumes.
C.    Assign internal LDEV addresses to external volumes.
D.    Migrate HUS VM volumes to the USP.

Answer: BC

You are installing a new HUS VM into your customer’s SAN environment. How is the Fibre Channel topology setting adjusted?

A.    using the SVP “Maintenance” screen
B.    using the Storage Navigator “Port” tab
C.    using the jumper block on the HUS VM Channel Adapter
D.    automatically by the SVP

Answer: B

A customer is using the Hitachi Command Suite to manage their HUS VM environment. The Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager license is enabled. Which tab in the GUI should you use to optimize data placement and operation for online data migration between storage tiers?

A.    the Analytics tab
B.    the Mobility tab
C.    the Migrator tab
D.    the Tiering tab

Answer: B

A customer wants to migrate data from a USP to an HUS VM. When doing so, you recommend that they virtualize the USP behind the HUS VM as external storage. Which host mode should you set on the USP?

A.    Linux
B.    External
C.    AIX
D.    Windows

Answer: D

An application running on a Windows server connected to an HUS VM storage system with two paths is generating mostly sequential I/O. Which algorithm should be set in Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) on that server?

A.    Least Blocks
B.    Round Robin
C.    Sequential Blocks
D.    Extended Least I/Os

Answer: D

You need to perform an initial setup procedure on a new HUS VM system. What is required to clear the configuration data?

A.    Switch off the batteries.
B.    Set the maintenance DIP switches on the SVP.
C.    Disconnect the battery cables.
D.    Connect CE jumpers to the first MP board pair.

Answer: B

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