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The Chassis Area Network (CAN) uses the SERDES to connect which modules in the Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000?

A.    Switch Fabric cards and I/O cards
B.    CP curds and Switch Fabric cards
C.    CP cards and Switch Fabrics in slots 1 & 4
D.    All 10 I/O cards, six SF cards and two CP cards
E.    CP cards and all I/O cards

Answer: A

Which statement describes a characteristic of Routed Split Multilink Trunking (RSMLT) configuration?

A.    RSMLT is only configured on edge SMLT connections.
B.    RSMLT uses priority values to distinguish between the primary and backup routers.
C.    RSMLT routers are implemented with the VRF-Lite routers.
D.    RSMLT is always used in conjunction with routing protocols and SMLT connections.

Answer: D

A switch cluster core composed of two Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 switches has been properly configured to support a new edge switch stack. 802.1Q was not correctly configured on the edge switch stack.
What will the switch core do with packets arriving from this edge stack?

A.    It will forward the packets to the switch CPU.
B.    It will place the packets in the data VLAN.
C.    Itwill discard the packet
D.    It will place the packets in the default VI AN (VLAN 1).

Answer: D

Which file on the internal flash is used to specify the primary and backup release names?

A.    versions.cfq
B.    releases.cfg
C.    boot.cfg
D.    config.cfg

Answer: A

The Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 chassis has 12 slots in the front and 8 slots in the back. Two front slots are for the Control Processor (CP) modules and 10 front slots are for the interface modules.
How many back slots are used for the Switch fabric modules?

A.    2
B.    3
C.    6
D.    8

Answer: C

A technician has entered the ACLI show tech command on a Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 and found a fan fault.
What is true about this fan fault in the chassis?

A.    The chassis will shut down the IO module in slot 4 associated with the fan fault.
B.    The chassis and the remaining fans are operating normally.
C.    The chassis will continue to operate normally until the next reset.
D.    The rear SF-FANs compensate for the lack of air flow in the front.

Answer: B

Network virtualization is the process of combining hardware and software network resources into a single virtual network.
Which two customer scenarios are appropriate for virtualization? (Choose two)

A.    a business after merger and acquisition
B.    a SOHO network
C.    a centralized and shared data center
D.    a business with less than fifty employees

Answer: AC

Policy based traffic policers and traffic shapers identify traffic using a policy (a contract). Traffic that confirms to this policy (a service contract) is guaranteed transmission, and nonconforming traffic is considered in violation.
Which two statements about how Policy-based policers and shapers treat violations are true? (Choose two)

A.    Both traffic policers and traffic shapers support the marking and re-marking of DSCP and 802.1p using
filter actions.
B.    Traffic shapers buffer and delay excess traffic, whereas traffic policers discard or re-mark excess traffic.
C.    Policing occur on ingress.
D.    Traffic shapers allows the traffic to exceed the line rate, whereas traffic policer prevent traffic from exceeding
the line rate.
E.    Policy based-shaping drop packets exceeding the peak rate.

Answer: BC

Which multicast technology, used with the Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000, allows the router to determine whether any group members exist on its directly connected networks and switches?

A.    IGAP
B.    IGMP
D.    PIM-SM

Answer: B

Which statement describes how to configure Simple Loop Prevention protocol (SLPP) Rx?

A.    SLPP is configured on the edge switch ports that connect to the core switch cluster.
B.    SLPP is configured on the core switch cluster ports that connect to the edge switch.
C.    SLPP is configured on the Inter Switch Trunk (IST) ports of the core switch cluster.
D.    SLPP is configured on the uplink ports of both the core switch cluster and the edge switch.

Answer: B

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