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A technician is successful when using the ping command on a Virtual Services Platform (VSP)
9000 to the peer VSP 9000 configured as a switch cluster. The IST is operating correctly. It has been reported that OSPF is not operating correctly since the switches have not become OSPF neighbors.
Which parameters should be considered in locating the issue?

A.    Verify that OSPF is turned on globally and on the routing interface to the peer.
B.    Check that the poor switch has been manually configured as a neighbor.
C.    The two VSP 9000 switches do not become OSPF neighbors in a switch cluster.
D.    An accept policy is requited on each VSP 9000 for OSPF communication across the IST.

Answer: A

A Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 with dual CP modules is not communicating with both of the out of band management ports.

What is the single issue identified as the problem?

A.    The out of band management port must be configured as a brouter port.
B.    The IP Address of the interface is unreachable.
C.    The VLAN ID 4092 associated with the interface is outside the assignable range.
D.    The second CP module has not been assigned an IP Address.

Answer: A

In an environment with Dynamic VI ANs (policy-based) once a classification rule hits, allowed membership is checked.
If the port is not allowed, what will happen to the frame?

A.    It will be dropped.
B.    It will continue to the next classification rule.
C.    It will forward to all ports.
D.    It will be rejected.

Answer: A

A technician has enabled VLACP on the IST connection, and wants, to verify that is operating properly. When using the show vlacp interface command, what is the timeout value for the IST connection?

A.    short
B.    3,000
C.    500
D.    slow
E.    long

Answer: E

Avaya Command Line Interface (ACLI) is an industry standard CLI that can be used to manage the virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000.
Of the five major CLI command modes, which mode is used to enable global routing settings?

A.    Global configuration
B.    Router configuration
C.    Local configuration
D.    Interface configuration

Answer: B

In the current business environment everyone is being asked to do more with fewer physical resources. Using visualization allows the Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 to initiate the services provided.
By using VRF-Lite, what does the VSP 9000 eliminate the need for?

A.    SMLT
C.    Non-overlapping addresses
D.    Multiple physical router

Answer: D

Given the following message that is seen in the log file:
CPU1 [11/16/10 16:13:29.367\] 0x000eO5f1 00000000 GlobalRoutor HAL INFO SMLT port 3/17/ locked until IST comes up. To force unlock shut and then no shut the port.
What does the message indicate?

A.    The IST went down on a running switch and all SMLT ports are now down.
B.    This message is displayed after the reboot of the switch, and is normal.
C.    The message points to an unrecoverable able failure in the 1ST connection.
D.    The message points to an error in the Hardware Adaption Layer (HAL) of the IO module.

Answer: B

Given the following commands:
VSP-9012: 1 (config) # interface mlt 11
VSP-9012: 1 (config-if)# smlt
VSP-9012: 1(config-if) # exit
Which statement accurately describes the syntax?

A.    MLT 11 is now configured as SMLT 11.
B.    The command string is missing an SMLT ID assignment.
C.    The configuration of the SMLT is independent of the MLT.
D.    MLT 11 has been assigned an IP address in prior commands.

Answer: A

A Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 chassis will need to terminate the following connections:
four 10GbE: 10GBaseER core connections in a redundant DMLT configuration 80 GbE 1000BaseLX single uplink connections to the edge stackable switches two Copper 1000BaseT connections to a couple of directly attached IDS appliances
The 10GbE core connections must ensure non-blocking performance.
Which hardware configuration is the most cost effective and meets the above requirements?

A.    Install two 9024XL cards, two 9048GB cards, one 9048GB card.
B.    Install two 9024XL cards, two 9048GB cards.
C.    Install two 9024XL cards, one 9048GB card, one 9048GT card.
D.    Install three 9024XL cards.

Answer: C

Given the following command:
VSP-9012: 1$ show khi performance <cmd> slot
Which Key Health Indicator is only valid for the CP modules?

A.    CPU
B.    buffer-pool
C.    error-count
D.    process
E.    memory

Answer: B

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