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A customer is concerned about the security of their network. They need to understand the OSPF authentication options when accepting route updates in OSPF. Currently, their Virtual Service Platform (VSP) 9000 is configured to require no authentication when receiving the OSPF updates.
Which two supported authentication types would provide security on the VSP 9000 for OSPF updates? (Choose two.)

A.    MD5
B.    3DES
D.    Simple Password

Answer: AD

The following ACLI commands are used to set up an MLT on the Virtual Services platform (VSP) 9000 and the last command in this sequence produces an ACLI error.
VSP-9012:1 (config) # mlt 1
VSP-9012:1 (config) # mlt 1 name IST
VSP-9012:1 (config) # mlt 1 member 3/1, 3/2
VSP-9012:1 (config) # mlt 1 vlan 2, 10, 11, 12
What should be done to correct the problem?

A.    Set up the IST on the other VSP 9000 before adding the VLANs.
B.    Add port members 3/1, 3/2 to each of the VLANs before adding them to the MLT.
C.    Specify that the MLT is using encapsulation dot1q.
D.    Assign the IST peer-ip before adding the VLANs.

Answer: A

A customer is expressing concern about reliability for their single uplink connections to the wiring closet. The switches in the wiring closet support Distributed Multi link Trunking (DMLT).
What can be done so the Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 can eliminate a single point of failure for the lowest cost?

A.    Add a second switch fabric module.
B.    Duplicate the trunk elements in software.
C.    Duplicate the trunks across separate modules using DMI T.
D.    Configure multiple VSP 9000 switches using Split Multi-Link Trunking (SMLT).

Answer: C

A customer has an Avaya Media Gateway connected to a virtual services Platform (VSP) 9000. The IP telephones are connected to legacy access switches only supporting 802.1p.
Which configuration regarding Trusted and Untrusted Interfaces should be used on interfaces 1 and 2, to guarantee the DSCP marking sent by telephony devices are kept, and there is compatibility between the VSP 9000 and legacy switches for the VoIP prioritization?

A.    1: L2 802.1p Override = False; L3 Trust = Core; Diffserv = True 2 : L2 802.1p Override = True;
L3 Trust = Access; Diffserv = True
B.    1: L2 802.1p Override = True; L3 Trust = Core ; Diffserv = True 2: L2 802.1p Override = False;
L3 Trust = Core; Diffserv = True
C.    1: L2 802.1p Pverride = True; L3 Trust = Core; Diffserv = True 2: L2 802.1p Override = False;
L3 Trust = Access; Diffserv = True
D.    1: L2 802.1p Override = true; L3 Trust= Core; Diffserv = True; 2: L2 802.1p Override = True;
L3 Trust = Access; Diffserv = False
E.    1: L2 802.1p Override = True; L3 Trust = Access; Diffserv = True 2: L2 802.1p Override = False;
L3 Trust = Access; Diffserv = False

Answer: C

In a fully populated Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 with 10 I/O modules, what is the required number of Switch Fabric (SF) modules to allow full throughput?

A.    OneSF module in slot 1
B.    OneSF module in slot 4
C.    TwoSF modules in slots 1 and 4
D.    FiveSF modules
E.    SixSF modules

Answer: D

The Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 has several management Tools available that can be used for installation and configuration.
Which three Tools are web-based applications that can be used for configuration? (Choose three.)

A.    Avaya Command Line Interface (ACLI)
B.    Unified communication Manages (UCM)
C.    Enterprise Device Manager (COM)
D.    Common Orchestration manager (COM)
E.    Java Device Manager (JDM)

Answer: CD

What conclusion can be drawn from the output in the exhibit?

A.    The DNS name of the VSP is x.
B.    VSP always sends DNS request to all configured DNS servers.
C.    All specified DNS servers are reachable.
D.    The show ip name-server command was issued.

Answer: C

What must be done, before the SNMPv3 can be used with Data encryption Standard (DES) or Advanced Encryption Standard (At S) to across the device?

A.    Configure SNMPv1.
B.    Configure the SNMP-server location.
C.    Create a Filter.
D.    Load the appropriate SNMPv3encryption module.

Answer: D

A technician has opened Enterprise Device Manager (EDM) and observed the status of the Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 9000 port 3/12.
What does the color red indicate?

A.    The port is administratively disabled.
B.    The port has no link.
C.    The port is in standby mode.
D.    The port is not reachable by EDM.

Answer: B

Which ACLI command is used to allow the non-secure (HTTP) web interface?

A.    web enable
B.    web secure disable
C.    no web secure
D.    config web secure enable

Answer: C

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