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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2140-134
Exam Name: Rational Business Developer Version 7.1

Which EGL move statement is valid?

A.    move RECORDA to RECORDB byByte;
B.    move RECORDA to RECORDB byPosition;
C.    move RECORDA to RECORDB with VAGenCompat;
D.    move RECORDA to RECORDB for INDEX1 to INDEX2;

Answer: A

What is the BEST technique to retrieve SQL data in the situation where there might be hundreds of rows that satisfy the criteria for the WHERE clause?

A.    An open statement with the multipleRows option
B.    An open statement followed by a loop of get next statements to retrieve all the rows
C.    A get statement with implicit SQL to retrieve all the rows into a dynamic array
D.    A get statement with a customized SQL WHERE clause and set boundaries for the retrieve using
the SQL BETWEEN predicate

Answer: C

Which choice is a valid stereotype for a record?

A.    Array
B.    CSV
C.    ExternalType
D.    Form

Answer: A

ProgramA calls ProgramB . Both programs access a relational database. What is the primary difference between the EGL system variables sqlLib.sqlData and sysVar.sqlData?

A.    sqlLib.sqlData and sysVar.sqlData are interchangeable and always have the same values.
B.    sqlLib.sqlData contains all the available information from the SQLCA; sysVar.sqlData only contains
C.    The scope of sysVar.sqlData is local to each program; the scope of sqlLib.sqlData is global so that
both ProgramA and ProgramB can access the results of the most recent SQL I/O statement
regardless of which program the I/O occurred in.
D.    There is no system variable named sqlLib.sqlData.

Answer: B

Which statement demonstrates how to call a DB2 Stored Procedure passing three parameters and returning a result set?

A.    call storedProcedureName (parm1, parm2, parm3);
B.    execute #sql {call storedProcedureName(parm1, parm2, parm3)};
C.    open resultSetID with #sql {call storedProcedureName (:parm1, :parm2, :parm3)};
D.    The current implementation for EGL only supports calling DB2 Stored Procedures for

Answer: B

Which EGL statement demonstrates the correct way to initialize a dynamic array of integers so that the first element has the value 3?

A.    myArray INT =3;
B.    myArray INT[] =3;
C.    myArray INT[3];
D.    myArray INT[3] =3;

Answer: C

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