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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-Y49
Exam Name: Applying HP FlexNetwork Fundamentals

Which wireless technology is limited to operate in a frequency range with only three non- overlapping channels?

A.    802.1a
B.    802.1x
C.    802.1ad
D.    802.11g

Answer: D
802.11b (and 802.11g) networks offer 11 channels, but only three channels (1,6, and 11) do not overlap with each other. In a large-scale building or campus-wide installation, the ability to useonly three channels can reduce real-world throughput and make avoiding interference from other 802.11b or 802.11g-based wireless networks difficult.

Which technology does the HP Virtual Connect support?

A.    InfiniBand connection to server backplane
B.    Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
C.    Distributed trunking
D.    Intelligent ResilientFramework(IRF)

Answer: B
Virtual Connect interconnect modules provide the following capabilities:
Reduces the number of cables required for an enclosure, compared to using pass-thru modules.
Reduces the number of edge switches that LAN and SAN administrators must manage.
Allows pre-provisioning of the network, so server administrators can add, replace, or upgrade servers without requiringimmediate involvement from the LAN or SAN administrators.
Enables a flatter, less hierarchical network, which reduces equipment and administration costs, reduces latency, andimproves performance.
Delivers direct server-to-server connectivity within the BladeSystem enclosure. This is an ideal way to optimize foreast/west traffic flow, which is becoming more prevalent at the server edge with the growth ofserver virtualization,cloud computing, and distributed applications. Reference:

What is the default payload size for an 802.3 Ethernet frame on HP switches?

A.    1500 bytes
B.    1518 bytes
C.    1522 bytes
D.    9022 bytes

Answer: A

Two OSPF routers are on a segment, and both of their interfaces become active. What is the initial OSPF state after an adjacency has formed?

A.    Established
B.    Exstart
C.    Two-way
D.    Full

Answer: B

A network administrator executes these commands on an HP Comware switch:
[Comware] super password level 1 simple hp1
[Comware] super password level 2 simple hp2
[Comware] super password level 3 simple hp3
[Comware] quit
The network administrator then executes this command to test the configuration:
<Comware> super 0
What is the outcome of the configuration?

A.    The network administrator is immediately placed into Monitor view.
B.    Access is denied because no level 0 password has been defined.
C.    A password of hp0 must be entered to access the view.
D.    The network administrator is immediately placed into visitor view.

Answer: D

Which STP protection feature does HP recommended against rogue switches?

A.    Root Protection should be enabled on access layer switches.
B.    BPDU Protection should be enabled on edge ports and uplink ports.
C.    Root Protection should be enabled on access and aggregation layer switches.
D.    BPDU Protection should be enabled on edge ports.

Answer: D
We want to enable BPDU protection on any “edge ports”, or ports that are connected to end user devices (PCs, printers, etc.) — any device that should not be sending out STP BPDU’s. Without BPDU protection, a malicious (or ignorant) user could plug a switch into our network and alter the spanning tree topology.

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