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How to Pass Siemens Enterprise Communications STI-884 Exam In First Try?

SOCA Sales Small & Medium Businesses (SMB): STI-884 Exam
STI-884 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: STI-884
Exam Name: SOCA Sales Small & Medium Businesses (SMB)
Q & A: 135 Q&As

1.Which are the key reasons that there is a huge shift in the type of technology that small
and medium sized businesses are adopting and are spending money to change their
telephone systems? (Choose three)
A. Personal Mobility.
B. Corporate Excellence.
C. Cost Control.
D. Productivity.
Answer: A,C,D

2.Which best describes Siemens’ most recent application specifically tailored to the needs
of the small and medium sized businesses.?
A. OpenScape
B. Unified Communciations
C. OpenScape Office
D. LifeWorks
Answer: C

3.What makes the Siemens Unified Communications solutions unique in the
A. They are proven and mature offerings that operate with your customer’s existing IT
environment and provide easy growth and expansion.
B. They leverage existing applications such as Microsoft Outlook.
C. They offer cost savings and productivity enhancing benefits.
D. They enable employees to remain connected when they are out of office.
Answer: A

4.Which best describes Open Service Delivery in Open Communications?
A. Providing innovative business continuity service to your customer.
B. Implementing Open Communications in a wide variety of forms, including Managed
and Hosted Services.
C. Replacing voice and data infrastructure with new Unified Communications solutions.
D. Enabling integration of mobile communication and location independence across
Answer: B

5.Which best describes the IT-based communications principle of Open
A. IT-based open Communications enables integration of mobile communications and
location independence across networks.
B. IT-based open Communications uses the latest technology to provide innovative
business continuity services to your customer.
C. IT-based open Communications can be implemented in various forms such as
Managed and Hosted Services. D. IT-based open Communications means a strong commitment to SIP and LINUX, a
clear focus on IT-oriented deployments.
Answer: D

6.Which best describes the OpenPath model?
A. How your customers can move their communications environment from where it is
today to where they need it to be.
B. How Siemens’ solutions can affect the operating costs and sales of your customers.
C. How to decide which products fit your customers’ profile.
D. How to maximize the lifetime values of solutions and services that you provide to your
Answer: A

7.Which best describes Siemens’ model for migration to Unified Communications?
A. OpenPath
B. LifeWorks
C. Open Service Delivery
D. HiPath 3000
Answer: A

8.Which describe the motivations of a Transform customer? (Choose two)
A. Business processes are specific solution led
B. Businessprocesses are architecture led
C. Lowest TCO, CapEx, and best CEBP
D. Solution is ROI based
Answer: B,C

9.Which factor affects small and medium sized businesses’ ability to make informed
decisions about technology?
A. Customer segmentation.
B. Lack of dedicated IT staff.
C. Unclear business strategy.
D. Lack of market knowledge.
Answer: B

10.Which is an indicator for opportunity if your prospect is a Value Chief?
A. The prospect has a PC network upgrade planned for implementing a new application.
B. The prospect is moving to a new, more cost-effective office space.
C. The prospect is investigating productivity features to make the business more efficient.
D. The prospect is interested in IP technology but is uneasy about a large initial
Answer: D

11.Which is an indicator for opportunity if your prospect is driven by growth through
productivity? (Choose two)
A. The prospect is evaluating phone system options due to business changes or
B. The prospect is investigating productivity features to make the business more efficient.
C. The prospect needs to install a new phone system to provide for the required capacity
of the office space.
D. The phone system of the prospect is outdated and cannot keep up with the growing
business demands.
Answer: A,B

12.Which best represents Siemens’ vision for the unification of the various types of
communications in enterprises?
A. LifeWorks
B. Open Communications
C. OpenPath
D. Unified Communications
Answer: A

13.Which best describes the Optimize customers under OpenPath?
A. Customers who will make specific investments in upgrading some elements if the
business case is right.
B. Customers who want to replace the older systems with new unified communication
C. Customers who want to make operational cost savings with minimal change to their
current infrastructure and systems.
D. Customers who want to focus around the implementation of new applications and
solutions in their own right.
Answer: C

14.Why is it critical for customers to have a cost-effective solution that meets the basic
needs of small and medium sized businesses?
A. They want something that works with their existing infrastructure, which is easy to set
up and manage. They typically don t have the money to experiment on new technologies.
B. They need support to help make communications services easier to understand and to
promote internally.
C. A little more than half of small businesses now run a local area network, with 76% of
these firms using a server-based network.
D. They want something that improves business growth by 30% annually.
Answer: A

15.What is an important part of the sales qualification process?
A. Ensuring faster decision making for outstanding customer service.
B. Predicting that the size of the small and medium sized business market for
communications is stable.
C. Understanding the psychological drivers of the business owner or manager.
D. Enabling employees to remain connected whilst out of office.
Answer: C

16.How do Siemens Unified Communications solutions facilitate easy growth and
expansion for your customers?
A. Customers can maximize the lifetime value of the solutions and services that you
provide them.
B. Customers need to replace their existing applications with new applications.
C. Customers can implement solutions that need a dedicated team to maintain and
update frequently.
D. Customers can buy the capabilities that they need now and activate new capabilities
with “license keys” when they are ready in the future.
Answer: D

17.What does “Open” in Open Communications signify?
A. Siemens provides Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Program
Interfaces (APIs) that allow better and easier voice integration.
B. Siemens Unified Communications solutions increase the operational costs due to
complex technologies.
C. Siemens Unified Communications solutions require customers to buy the entire
solution instead of the relevant solution elements.
D. Siemens Open Communications strategy is based on the Open Service Delivery
Answer: A

18.Which options apply to the Siemens Open Communications strategy? (Choose two)
A. It helps deliver solutions to only small sized businesses.
B. It helps Siemens realize the LifeWorks vision.
C. It provides customers with business value by impacting their growth.
D. It is Siemens’ core company strategy and positioning.
Answer: B,D

19.Which business objectives does the Siemens approach to Open Communications
impact while providing business value to customers? (Choose two)
A. Promoting employee competition.
B. Reducing operation costs.
C. Improving asset efficiency.
D. Enhancing business knowledge.
Answer: B,C

20.How do Siemens Open Communications solutions reduce operating costs? (Choose
A. By increasing the number of employees.
B. By simplifying infrastructure and costs.
C. By ensuring that employees work from office.
D. By increasing the efficiency of sales teams.
Answer: B,D

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