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A software developer is responsible for writing the code on an accounting application. Another software developer is responsible for developing code on a system in human resources. Once a year they have to switch roles for several weeks. Which of the following practices is being implemented?

A.    Mandatory vacations
B.    Job rotation
C.    Least privilege
D.    Separation of duties

Answer: B

A quality assurance analyst is reviewing a new software product for security, and has complete access to the code and data structures used by the developers. This is an example of which of the following types of testing?

A.    Black box
B.    Penetration
C.    Gray box
D.    White box

Answer: D

The security consultant is assigned to test a client’s new software for security, after logs show targeted attacks from the Internet. To determine the weaknesses, the consultant has no access to the application program interfaces, code, or data structures. This is an example of which of the following types of testing?

A.    Black box
B.    Penetration
C.    Gray box
D.    White box

Answer: A

Which of the following types of cryptography should be used when minimal overhead is necessary for a mobile device?

A.    Block cipher
B.    Elliptical curve cryptography
C.    Diffie-Hellman algorithm
D.    Stream cipher

Answer: B

The server administrator has noted that most servers have a lot of free disk space and low memory utilization. Which of the following statements will be correct if the server administrator migrates to a virtual server environment?

A.    The administrator will need to deploy load balancing and clustering.
B.    The administrator may spend more on licensing but less on hardware and equipment.
C.    The administrator will not be able to add a test virtual environment in the data center.
D.    Servers will encounter latency and lowered throughput issues.

Answer: B

Which of the following implementation steps would be appropriate for a public wireless hotspot?

A.    Reduce power level
B.    Disable SSID broadcast
C.    Open system authentication
D.    MAC filter

Answer: C

Configuring key/value pairs on a RADIUS server is associated with deploying which of the following?

A.    WPA2-Enterprise wireless network
B.    DNS secondary zones
C.    Digital certificates
D.    Intrusion detection system

Answer: A

Which of the following preventative controls would be appropriate for responding to a directive to reduce the attack surface of a specific host?

A.    Installing anti-malware
B.    Implementing an IDS
C.    Taking a baseline configuration
D.    Disabling unnecessary services

Answer: D

A security analyst performs the following activities: monitors security logs, installs surveillance cameras and analyzes trend reports. Which of the following job responsibilities is the analyst performing? (Select TWO).

A.    Detect security incidents
B.    Reduce attack surface of systems
C.    Implement monitoring controls
D.    Hardening network devices
E.    Prevent unauthorized access

Answer: AC

A certificate used on an ecommerce web server is about to expire. Which of the following will occur if the certificate is allowed to expire?

A.    The certificate will be added to the Certificate Revocation List (CRL).
B.    Clients will be notified that the certificate is invalid.
C.    The ecommerce site will not function until the certificate is renewed.
D.    The ecommerce site will no longer use encryption.

Answer: B

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