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An internal auditor is concerned with privilege creep that is associated with transfers inside the company. Which mitigation measure would detect and correct this?

A.    User rights reviews
B.    Least privilege and job rotation
C.    Change management
D.    Change Control

Answer: A

Which of the following is the default port for TFTP?

A.    20
B.    69
C.    21
D.    68

Answer: B

Which of the following concepts are included on the three sides of the “security triangle”? (Select THREE).

A.    Confidentiality
B.    Availability
C.    Integrity
D.    Authorization
E.    Authentication
F.    Continuity

Answer: ABC

Which of the following concepts allows an organization to group large numbers of servers together in order to deliver a common service?

A.    Clustering
B.    RAID
C.    Backup Redundancy
D.    Cold site

Answer: A

Which of the following security concepts identifies input variables which are then used to perform boundary testing?

A.    Application baseline
B.    Application hardening
C.    Secure coding
D.    Fuzzing

Answer: D

Users need to exchange a shared secret to begin communicating securely. Which of the following is another name for this symmetric key?

A.    Session Key
B.    Public Key
C.    Private Key
D.    Digital Signature

Answer: A

Which of the following cryptographic related browser settings allows an organization to communicate securely?

A.    SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0
B.    3DES
C.    Trusted Sites
D.    HMAC

Answer: A

Which of the following is the BEST reason to provide user awareness and training programs for organizational staff?

A.    To ensure proper use of social media
B.    To reduce organizational IT risk
C.    To detail business impact analyses
D.    To train staff on zero-days

Answer: B

A firewall technician has been instructed to disable all non-secure ports on a corporate firewall. The technician has blocked traffic on port 21, 69, 80, and 137-139. The technician has allowed traffic on ports 22 and 443. Which of the following correctly lists the protocols blocked and allowed?

A.    Blocked: TFTP, HTTP, NetBIOS; Allowed: HTTPS, FTP
B.    Blocked: FTP, TFTP, HTTP, NetBIOS; Allowed: SFTP, SSH, SCP, HTTPS
C.    Blocked: SFTP, TFTP, HTTP, NetBIOS; Allowed: SSH, SCP, HTTPS
D.    Blocked: FTP, HTTP, HTTPS; Allowed: SFTP, SSH, SCP, NetBIOS

Answer: B

A security administrator is responsible for performing periodic reviews of user permission settings due to high turnover and internal transfers at a corporation. Which of the following BEST describes the procedure and security rationale for performing such reviews?

A.    Review all user permissions and group memberships to ensure only the minimum set of permissions
required to perform a job is assigned.
B.    Review the permissions of all transferred users to ensure new permissions are granted so the employee
can work effectively.
C.    Ensure all users have adequate permissions and appropriate group memberships, so the volume of
help desk calls is reduced.
D.    Ensure former employee accounts have no permissions so that they cannot access any network file stores
and resources.

Answer: A

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