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Which of the following concepts is enforced by certifying that email communications have been sent by who the message says it has been sent by?

A.    Key escrow
B.    Non-repudiation
C.    Multifactor authentication
D.    Hashing

Answer: B

After a recent breach, the security administrator performs a wireless survey of the corporate network. The security administrator notices a problem with the following output:
00:10:A1:36:12:CC MYCORP WPA2 CCMP 60 1202
00:10:A1:49:FC:37 MYCORP WPA2 CCMP 70 9102
FB:90:11:42:FA:99 MYCORP WPA2 CCMP 40 3031
00:10:A1:AA:BB:CC MYCORP WPA2 CCMP 55 2021
00:10:A1:FA:B1:07 MYCORP WPA2 CCMP 30 6044
Given that the corporate wireless network has been standardized, which of the following attacks is underway?

A.    Evil twin
B.    IV attack
C.    Rogue AP
D.    DDoS

Answer: A

Input validation is an important security defense because it:

A.    rejects bad or malformed data.
B.    enables verbose error reporting.
C.    protects mis-configured web servers.
D.    prevents denial of service attacks.

Answer: A

In order to maintain oversight of a third party service provider, the company is going to implement a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) system. This system is promising to provide overall security posture coverage. Which of the following is the MOST important activity that should be considered?

A.    Continuous security monitoring
B.    Baseline configuration and host hardening
C.    Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring
D.    Security alerting and trending

Answer: A

A recent audit of a company’s identity management system shows that 30% of active accounts belong to people no longer with the firm. Which of the following should be performed to help avoid this scenario? (Select TWO).

A.    Automatically disable accounts that have not been utilized for at least 10 days.
B.    Utilize automated provisioning and de-provisioning processes where possible.
C.    Request that employees provide a list of systems that they have access to prior to leaving the firm.
D.    Perform regular user account review / revalidation process.
E.    Implement a process where new account creations require management approval.

Answer: BD

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has mandated web based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business functions be moved offshore to reduce cost, reduce IT overheads, and improve availability. The Chief Risk Officer (CRO) has agreed with the CIO’s direction but has mandated that key authentication systems be run within the organization’s network. Which of the following would BEST meet the CIO and CRO’s requirements?

A.    Software as a Service
B.    Infrastructure as a Service
C.    Platform as a Service
D.    Hosted virtualization service

Answer: A

Which of the following provides the BEST application availability and is easily expanded as demand grows?

A.    Server virtualization
B.    Load balancing
C.    Active-Passive Cluster
D.    RAID 6

Answer: B

An administrator connects VoIP phones to the same switch as the network PCs and printers. Which of the following would provide the BEST logical separation of these three device types while still allowing traffic between them via ACL?

A.    Create three VLANs on the switch connected to a router
B.    Define three subnets, configure each device to use their own dedicated IP address range, and then
connect the network to a router
C.    Install a firewall and connect it to the switch
D.    Install a firewall and connect it to a dedicated switch for each device type

Answer: A

Which of the following wireless security measures can an attacker defeat by spoofing certain properties of their network interface card?

A.    WEP
B.    MAC filtering
C.    Disabled SSID broadcast
D.    TKIP

Answer: B

Which of the following provides additional encryption strength by repeating the encryption process with additional keys?

A.    AES
B.    3DES
C.    TwoFish
D.    Blowfish

Answer: B

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