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Which of the following is an advantage of implementing individual file encryption on a hard drive which already deploys full disk encryption?

A.    Reduces processing overhead required to access the encrypted files
B.    Double encryption causes the individually encrypted files to partially lose their properties
C.    Individually encrypted files will remain encrypted when copied to external media
D.    File level access control only apply to individually encrypted files in a fully encrypted drive

Answer: C

An IT director is looking to reduce the footprint of their company’s server environment. They have decided to move several internally developed software applications to an alternate environment, supported by an external company. Which of the following BEST describes this arrangement?

A.    Infrastructure as a Service
B.    Storage as a Service
C.    Platform as a Service
D.    Software as a Service

Answer: A

A forensic analyst is reviewing electronic evidence after a robbery. Security cameras installed at the site were facing the wrong direction to capture the incident. The analyst ensures the cameras are turned to face the proper direction. Which of the following types of controls is being used?

A.    Detective
B.    Deterrent
C.    Corrective
D.    Preventive

Answer: C

A security administrator wishes to change their wireless network so that IPSec is built into the protocol and NAT is no longer required for address range extension. Which of the following protocols should be used in this scenario?

A.    WPA2
B.    WPA
C.    IPv6
D.    IPv4

Answer: C

The network administrator is responsible for promoting code to applications on a DMZ web server. Which of the following processes is being followed to ensure application integrity?

A.    Application hardening
B.    Application firewall review
C.    Application change management
D.    Application patch management

Answer: C

An IT auditor tests an application as an authenticated user. This is an example of which of the following types of testing?

A.    Penetration
B.    White box
C.    Black box
D.    Gray box

Answer: D

The manager has a need to secure physical documents every night, since the company began enforcing the clean desk policy. The BEST solution would include: (Select TWO).

A.    Fire- or water-proof safe.
B.    Department door locks.
C.    Proximity card.
D.    24-hour security guard.
E.    Locking cabinets and drawers.

Answer: AE

Which of the following is an important implementation consideration when deploying a wireless network that uses a shared password?

A.    Authentication server
B.    Server certificate
C.    Key length
D.    EAP method

Answer: C

Which of the following would satisfy wireless network implementation requirements to use mutual authentication and usernames and passwords?

A.    EAP-MD5
B.    WEP

Answer: C

Some customers have reported receiving an untrusted certificate warning when visiting the company’s website. The administrator ensures that the certificate is not expired and that customers have trusted the original issuer of the certificate. Which of the following could be causing the problem?

A.    The intermediate CA certificates were not installed on the server.
B.    The certificate is not the correct type for a virtual server.
C.    The encryption key used in the certificate is too short.
D.    The client’s browser is trying to negotiate SSL instead of TLS.

Answer: A

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