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Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals I: 1Z0-031 Exam
1Z0-031 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: 1Z0-031
Exam Name: Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals I
Q & A: 207 Q&As

Part: A
1: Identify three components of an Oracle instance for which you can change the size dynamically.
(Choose three.)
A.Java Pool
B.Large Pool
C.Shared Pool
D.Redo Log Buffer
E.Database Buffer Cache
Correct Answers: B C E

2: A table is stored in a data dictionary managed tablespace. Which two columns are required from
DBA_TABLES to determine the size of the extent when it extends? (Choose two.)
Correct Answers: C D

3: Which two statements regarding the database writer (DBWn) background process are true?
(Choose two.)
A.It is an optional background process.
B.It writes dirty buffers to the data files whenever a checkpoint occurs.
C.It writes dirty buffers to the data files whenever a transaction commits.
D.It writes dirty buffers to the data files before the log writer (LGWR) writes.
E.It is possible to have more than one database writer in an Oracle instance.
Correct Answers: B E

4: Consider the following statements:
2. CREATE TABLE sales(bill NUMBER(3),bdt DATE,amt NUMBER(10,2));
3. ALTER SYSTEM SET CONTROL_FILES=’/remorse/control02.ctl’;
Which of the commands always modifies the control file?
A.1 and 2
B.3 and 4
C.1 and 4
D.1, 2, and 3
E.1, 2, 3, and 4
Correct Answers: C

5: You want to use a profile to restrict the resources that the users are utilizing in your database. At
which two levels can you enforce the resource limits using a profile? (Choose two.)
E.database object
Correct Answers: A B

6: You created a profile, PROF1, by executing the following command:
After creating the profile, you assigned it to a group of database users in the administration
department. Which statements are true regarding the usage of the profile? (Choose all that apply.)
A.The users’ password must be unique during last 30 days.
B.The users must change the password at least every 60 days.
C.The users’ account is automatically unlocked after five days from the day the account was
locked due to three consecutive failed log in attempts.
D.The users’ account remains locked, at least for five hours from the day the account was locked
due to three consecutive failed log in attempts.
E.The database administrator cannot use the ALTER USER ACCOUNT UNLOCK command to
unlock the account if the account was locked due to three consecutive failed log in attempts.
Correct Answers: A B C

7: While observing the index statistics, you find that the index is highly fragmented, thereby
resulting in poor database performance. Which option would you use to reduce the fragmentation
without affecting the users who are currently using the index?
A.validate the index structure
B.rebuild the index using ALTER INDEX..REBUILD ONLINE command
C.change the block space utilization parameters using ALTER INDEX command
D.deallocate the unused space in the index using ALTER INDEX..DEALLOCATE UNUSED
Correct Answers: B

8: Under which condition does the Oracle server put a data block on the free list of a segment?
A.when the used space in the block exceeds the value set in PCTUSED
B.when the used space in the block exceeds the value set in PCTFREE
C.when the used space in the block falls below the value set in PCTUSED
D.when the used space in the block falls below the value set in PCTFREE
Correct Answers: C 9: Which two actions does the Checkpoint (CKPT) process initiate when a checkpoint occurs?
(Choose two.)
A.updates the control file with the checkpoint information
B.removes all the blocks from the database buffer cache
C.updates the headers of data files if the checkpoint is caused by a log switch
D.signals log writer (LGWR) to write redo entries from the log buffer to the redo log files
Correct Answers: A C

10: You want to know if there are any default values assigned to the columns in the TECHDATA
table. How could you find this information? describing the table querying DBA_TABLES querying USER_TABLES querying USER_TAB_COLUMNS
Correct Answers: D

11: Examine the following statement:
In which two situations will the execution of this query return one or more rows? (Choose two.)
A.when the database is in the OPEN state
B.when the database is in the MOUNT state
C.when the database is in the NOMOUNT state
D.only if the Oracle Managed Files (OMF) feature is used
Correct Answers: A B

12: Which three statements define the properties of a column that has the UNIQUE constraint that
is enforced using ENABLE and VALIDATE clause? (Choose three.)
A.The column is indexed.
B.The column cannot have null values.
C.The column cannot have duplicate values.
D.A column in another table can reference this column.
E.The column cannot have any other constraints defined.
Correct Answers: A C D

13: During the process of disk space management, the alert log file that belongs to your database
is accidentally deleted. The database is currently functional. Which statement regarding this
situation is true?
A.All attempts to write to the alert log file result in errors.
B.Queries executed in the database after the file is lost, re-create the alert log file automatically.
C.All the attempts to write to the alert log file are ignored and the file is re-created when you
restart the database.
D.The first command that you issue in your database (after deleting the alert log) that requires a
write to the alert log file causes the alert log file to be re-created.
Correct Answers: D

14: Which two statements are true for a bitmap index? (Choose two.)
A.It is recommended for the columns that have unique values.
B.It stores a string of bits that represent the key column values.
C.It can be converted to a B-Tree index by using the ALTER INDEX command.
D.The updating to the key column locks the whole bitmap segment that contains the bit for the key
value to be updated.
Correct Answers: B D

15: You executed the following command in your database:
SQL> ALTER DATABASE ADD LOGFILE (‘/DISK3/log3a.rdo’,’/DISK4/log3b.rdo’) size 1M;
What would this command do?
A.fails, if the database is open
B.creates a new redo log group with two files
C.creates two new groups, one in disk 3 and another in disk 4
D.adds two new members to an existing group with a size of 1 MB each
E.adds two new members to a group and the total size of the two files is 1 MB
Correct Answers: B

16: Which view would you query to identify the space utilization settings for tables owned by the
APPS user?
Correct Answers: C

17: Which statement is true regarding a tablespace?
A.The tablespace can contain blocks of different sizes.
B.The tablespace can spread across multiple databases.
C.The tablespace can contain segments of different sizes.
D.The tablespace can contain a part of the non-partitioned segment.
Correct Answers: C

18: You work for a company having two databases, one located in India and another in New York.
You want to use Enterprise Manager to administer, diagnose, and tune these two databases. Which
component would you configure to run on each of the nodes where database servers run to achieve
this task?
A.Intelligent Agent
B.INTYPE file assistant
C.Management Repository
D.Oracle Management Server
Correct Answers: A

19: Consider the following facts about your database:
-The database operates in NOARCHIVELOG mode.
-The database has three redo log groups.
-All the groups have one member each.
-Redo log group 3 is the CURRENT group.
You executed the following command:
The command fails to drop the member. What is the reason displayed for the failure of the
A.You cannot drop the last member in a group.
B.You cannot drop a member until checkpoint completes.
C.You cannot drop a member when the database is open.
D.You cannot drop a member from a group as the database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode.
Correct Answers: A

20: You specified extent management as local for a tablespace. How will this affect space
management in the tablespace?
A.Bitmap will be used to record free and allocated extents.
B.Free extents will be managed by the data dictionary tables.
C.The tablespace can have extents containing blocks of different sizes.
D.The tablespace will be system managed and the users cannot specify the extent size.
Correct Answers: A

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