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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-S30
Exam Name: Design and Implementation of HP SIM and HP Insight Control

You received an SNMP Authentication trap, but did not receive a notification in HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM). What could cause this?

A.    The default setting for Enabling Trap Handling in SNMP extensions was disabled in HP SIM.
B.    The trap received was not sent from a managed node that is in the authorized list.
C.    A filter was set in the discovery task to ignore these authentication traps by default.
D.    A trust relationship was not established between HP SIM and the managed node sending the trap.

Answer: A

HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) indicates a minor degraded state on a managed system. You investigate further by clicking on the Hardware status (HW) link. HP SIM should launch another page with the System Management Home (SMH). Instead, a “Page not found” message displays. What can cause this issue.?

A.    A firewall is configured on the target managed node that prevents port 50000 from communicating with HP SIM.
B.    The system is no longer available or the system is down and HP SIM has not yet updated the minor status to critical status.
C.    HP SIM is referencing the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) when launching the SMH and cannot resolve the IP to the FQDN.
D.    The community strings do not match between HP SIM and the target managed node and therefore cannot display the SMH.

Answer: C

What must you consider regarding the central management server (CMS) when managing a Windows environment with HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)?

A.    Timeout values for processing WMI information from Windows-based systems might need to be changed on the CMS.
B.    All systems being managed must have a trust relationship with the CMS for single sign-on (SSO).
C.    There must be a WMI Mapper installed on the CMS or on another server on the network.
D.    All Windows-based systems must be in the same domain as the CMS.

Answer: C

What must you consider when configuring community strings?

A.    They must be unique to each system that is being managed.
B.    HP SIM and managed systems must have matching community strings.
C.    The community strings must not be more than eight characters long.
D.    All systems must be configured with a write community string.

Answer: B

You noticed that a system that was being monitored by Insight Control performance management has a
critical status in the PF column. However, the HW status displays as “normal”. What could cause this to occur?

A.    The HP management agents have been downgraded.
B.    Network teaming was enabled on the managed server.
C.    Performance monitoring was disabled in HP SIM for that managed server.
D.    The license was removed from that managed server within HP SIM.

Answer: A

What is a good indicator that Insight Control performance management has not been installed with HP SIM?

A.    The status of the managed devices under the HW column shows “unknown” status.
B.    The system table view does not show a PF column.
C.    The System Management Homepage does not display any performance information.
D.    The Tool menu in HP SIM does not display any performance management options.

Answer: B

When performing a remote installation of Insight Remote Support, you receive an error stating that the install cannot proceed. What can cause this issue?

A.    A SIMadmin user with administrative privileges is not performing the installation.
B.    The installation requires that FTP be installed on the remote server before installing Insight Remote Support.
C.    The installation initiated from a Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) session that does not have the active desktop session.
D.    The installation requires that you run Insight Software Advisor, which launches the full installation of Insight Control.

Answer: C

What must you enable before performing an offline analysis with Insight Control performance management? (Select two.)

A.    Alerting
B.    Discovery
C.    Logging
D.    Monitoring
E.    Reporting

Answer: CD

What happens when an event is generated that affects an entire rack or enclosure?

A.    Several systems within the rack or enclosure can generate a trap, but they are filtered by HP SIM to only show one event per rack or enclosure.
B.    Multiple traps are received by HP SIM and can cause multiple events to trigger multiple notification alerts.
C.    An alert is logged for each server associated with the enclosure, but the same event increases a counter each time the same trap is received.
D.    Traps are received from a server, but they are not associated with the enclosure and are managed independently.

Answer: A

What should you do when enabling the WMI Mapper in HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)?

A.    Run the identification task to properly identify systems that are running WMI.
B.    Run the software polling task to return WMI information for managed systems.
C.    Rerun the discovery task to discover systems that are running WMI.
D.    Run a hardware polling task to get status information in WMI instrumented devices.

Answer: A

How many agents are there in the HP Insight Management Agents family?

A.    one monolithic agent for all devices
B.    four: a server, NIC, storage, and foundation agent
C.    five: a server, NIC, storage, foundation, and Version Control Agent
D.    six: a server, NIC, storage, foundation, client, and Version Control Agent

Answer: C

Which type of component is considered part of the HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) management domain?

A.    central management server (CMS)
B.    network client
C.    any third-party device
D.    any management information base (MIB) compiled device

Answer: A

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