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Vendor: Apple
Exam Code: 9L0-412
Exam Name: Mac OS X Support Essentials 10.8 Exam

A new 5 MB file was backed up by Time Machine yesterday. Today the file was edited, and has grown to 6 MB. It is about to be backed up by Time Machine again. How does Time Machine perform this backup?

A.    Time Machine copies the 6 MB file to the backup drive, and deletes the original backup copy of the
file from the backup drive.
B.    Time Machine copies the 6 MB file to the backup drive, and keeps both the new backup file and the
original backup file on the backup drive.
C.    Time Machine identifies the 1 MB of file changes, copies those changes to a new file on the backup
drive, and keeps both the new backup file and the original backup file.
D.    Time Machine identifies the 1 MB of file changes, copies those changes to a new file on the backup
drive, then creates a 500 KB parity file, and keeps all three files: the two new files representing the
1 MB of file changes, and the original backup file.

Answer: C

Review the screenshot of part of a Network Utility window, and then answer the question below.

Which statement accurately interprets the Network Utility Lookup results shown above?

A.    A forward lookup of returned the IP address
B.    A reverse lookup of returned the IP address
C.    A reverse lookup of returned the name
D.    The DNS server for is
Answer: B

In a default OS X Mountain Lion installation, which permission is assigned to the top level of each user’s home folder to make it accessible to Guest users who log in locally?

A.    Everyone has Read & Write access.
B.    The staff group has Read & Write access.
C.    The wheel group has Read only access.
D.    Everyone has Read only access.

Answer: D

The function of journaling in the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) file system is to ________.

A.    protect volume structure integrity in cases of unexpected shutdown
B.    provide a backup of user files
C.    provide support for resource forks, extended attributes, and metadata
D.    provide support for Spotlight searches

Answer: A

You enable Stealth Mode on an OS X Mountain Lion computer’s firewall. How does this affect the computer’s behavior?

A.    The Mac will not register any services that are offered via Bonjour.
B.    The Mac will not allow outgoing connections for non-approved applications.
C.    The Mac will not respond to incoming connection requests.
D.    The Mac will not respond to diagnostic probes such as ping.

Answer: C

How can a user with the short name anna exclude the /Users/anna/Downloads/ folder from Time Machine backups?

A.    Open Time Machine, choose Preferences from the Time Machine menu, click the Exclusions tab,
click the Add (+) button, navigate to the /Users/anna/Downloads/ folder, and click Submit.
B.    Open the Time Machine pane of System Preferences, click Options, and add the /Users/anna/Downloads/ folder to the list of excluded items.
C.    Control-click the anna account’s Downloads folder in the Finder, click the Sharing and Permissions
disclosure button, click the Add (+) button, add the Time Machine user to the list of users, and set the
Time Machine user’s access to “No Access.”
D.    In Terminal, execute the command sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/
TimeMachine excludedFolders -array-add /Users/anna/Downloads.

Answer: B
On an optional configuration step in the Setup Assistant in OS X Mountain Lion, pressing Command- Q lets you skip the step.

A.    True
B.    False

Answer: B

Which of these files will Time Machine, by default, NOT back up?

A.    An encrypted file that was created to track passwords
B.    A file that Time Machine identifies as conflicting with a previously backed-up file
C.    A Time Machine preference .plist file
D.    Any file in the Trash

Answer: D

How can you display the contents of a hidden folder on a mounted volume in Finder?

A.    From the Go menu, choose “Go to Folder,” enter the path to the hidden folder, and click Go.
B.    From the View menu, choose “Show hidden items.”
C.    From the Finder menu, choose Preferences, and select “Show hidden items.”
D.    Select the volume icon and choose “Show hidden items” from the Action menu.

Answer: A

Which utility is on the OS X Recovery partition?

A.    Boot Camp Assistant
B.    Console
C.    Firmware Password Utility
D.    Activity Monitor

Answer: C

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