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EMC E20-616 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download

Vendor: EMC
Exam Code: E20-616
Exam Name: Symmetrix Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers

You are viewing the rear of a Symmetrix DMX22000/3000 Card Cage. Where will you find ECM1?


A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: B

A DMX-2 memory configuration containing four (4) memory boards is to be upgraded to larger size cache boards. The upgrade results in a two (2) memory board configuration. How will the bandwidth of the DMX-2 be affected by the upgrade?

A.    Decreased by the smaller cache card count
B.    Increased by the larger memory size
C.    Unchanged, only memory size is affected
D.    Will remain at the theoretical maximum

Answer: B

What is a major difference in director data flow between the Symmetrix 8000 series and a DMX-2?

A.    An 8430 uses loop redundancy
B.    An 8530’s directors are connected to two data busses
C.    Directors in a DMX-2 are connected to top high and bottom low
D.    DMX-2 port bypass cards are connected directly to cache

Answer: B

What is a difference between a Symmetrix 8830 and a DMX-2?

A.    An 8830 24-slot card cage is scalable
B.    Disks on a DMX-2 are FC-AL
C.    DMX-2 uses a cache interconnect multi-drop bus
D.    Maximum system bandwidth on an 8830 is 16Gb/s

Answer: B

When will a customer’s host be able to access the data on a BCV?

A.    After the BCV is established
B.    After the BCV is split
C.    When the BCV is created in the Bin
D.    While the BCV is syncing with the data volume

Answer: B

When is the relationship between a data volume and a BCV created?

A.    When the BCV is created in the bin file
B.    When the BCV is established
C.    When the BCV is split
D.    When the BCV is varied on

Answer: B

When looking at the DMX FA Back Adapter, you notice that one of the SFPs is blue. What does this mean?

A.    Long wave, multi mode port
B.    Long wave, single mode port
C.    Short wave, multi mode port
D.    Short wave, single mode port

Answer: B

Click the exhibit button.

You are viewing the rear of the DMX1000 card cage. Which card is ECM1?

A.    A
B.    B
C.    C
D.    D

Answer: B

Click the exhibit button.

You are viewing the rear of the DMX1000 card cage. Which card is CCM0?

A.    A
B.    B
C.    C
D.    D

Answer: D

What does the Interleave Service Policy manage during a read operation?

A.    Reads the tracks from M1 and M2 randomly
B.    Reads the tracks from M1 and M2 alternatively
C.    Reads the tracks only from M1
D.    Tracks measurements of I/O on logical volumes and chooses the appropriate mirror

Answer: B

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