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2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass NOVELL 050-701 Exam Questions Part:B (41-50)

41: When you upgrade a NetWare 5.1 server to OES NetWare, what happens to the Enterprise Web Server running on the NetWare 5.1 server?
A.It is reconfigured to use IP ports 81 and 444.
B.It is reconfigured to use a secondary IP address.
C.It is used to provide OES NetWare web services instead of Apache Web Server.
D.It is removed and its configuration parameters are migrated to the Apache Web Server’s configuration file.
Correct Answers: D

42: If a NetWare 4.2 server exists in the tree where you plan to install an OES NetWare server, what must you do?
A.Implement Universal Password.
B.Remove the server from the tree.
C.Run Deployment Manager and select the Prepare for CIFS/AFP option.
D.Run Deployment Manager and select the Generate GUIDs on NetWare 4 Servers option.
E.Run Deployment Manager and select the Update Certificate Authority Objects option.
Correct Answers: D

43: While performing a consolidation project using servers in two different eDirectory trees, the Server Consolidation Utility displays the Tree to Tree Object Match-Up screen. What types of objects need to be matched between the two trees?  (Choose 2.)
A.User objects
B.Group objects
C.Country objects
D.NCP Server objects
E.LDAP Group objects
F.LDAP Server objects
G.Organization objects
H.Organizational Unit objects
Correct Answers: A D

44: Which are prerequisite requirements for using Deployment Manager? (Choose 2.)
A.NetWare 6.5 or later installed on the server.
B.Windows 98 or later installed on the workstation.
C.eDirectory 8.7.3 or later installed on the server.
D.Windows 2000 or later installed on the workstation.
E.A Read/Write replica of the tree’s root partition on the server.
Correct Answers: D E

45: Which Distributed File System component maps the physical location of NSS volumes on all NetWare 6.0 or later servers in the eDirectory tree?
C.VLDB Database
D.Volume Tracking Database
Correct Answers: C

46: When preparing a server for a Remote Upgrade to OES NetWare, which tasks should you perform? (Choose 2.)
A.Disconnect all users and disable user login.
B.Remove (uninstall) all Support Packs and patches.
C.Defragment the file system on all server volumes.
D.Make a backup of the eDirectory tree and the server file system.
E.Ensure all applications hosted by the server are up and running during the upgrade so they will be detected by the upgrade utility.
Correct Answers: A D

47: What is the function of the rbsTask object?
A.Represents a leaf object used for ACL assignments.
B.Represents a leaf object that holds a specific function.
C.Specifies the tasks that users (members) are authorized to perform.
D.Represents a container object that holds rbsTask and rbsBook objects.
E.Represents a container object that holds all RBS Role and Module objects.
Correct Answers: B

48: You want to implement a software RAID array using three hard disk drives in your OES NetWare server. Which RAID levels can you choose from to do this? (Choose 2)
Correct Answers: A B

49: You’ve loaded iMonitor from DA1, an OES NetWare server in the DA-TREE eDirectory tree. You use iMonitor to navigate to and manage the eDirectory database on the DA2 server, which resides in a different container in the tree. What mode is iMonitor operating in?
Correct Answers: A

50: You’re installing OES NetWare on server hardware that uses a non-bootable SCSI CD drive. You decide to make a bootable floppy diskette. What DOS drivers will you need to load from your diskette to access the OES NetWare Operating System CD? (Choose 3.)
B.SCSI CD driver
D.SCSI .HAM driver
E.SCSI .CDM driver
F.SCSI hard disk driver
G.SCSI block-mode driver
H.SCSI host adapter driver
Correct Answers: A B H

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