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2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass NOVELL 050-701 Exam Questions Part:B (31-40)

31: Your OES NetWare server’s name is WIDGETS. What is the default server name used by the CIFS service running on this server?
Correct Answers: B

32: Click the Point and Click button to begin.
Click the option in the NSS VLDB tab of the Properties of DA8 screen you would use if you wanted to enable fault tolerance by adding a copy of the NSS VLDB database to another server in your eDirectory tree.

Correct Answers:


33: Which OES NetWare component automates the download and installation of NetWare updates?
A.VIM Support
B.bash Support
C.NXBit Support
D.ZENworks Red Carpet Daemon
E.Common Information Model Support
Correct Answers: D

34: A request has been received by the Apache Web Server that requires processing by the Tomcat service running on your OES NetWare server. Which module is used by Apache to open a socket to the Tomcat service to process the request?
Correct Answers: A

35: Which Novell Modular Authentication Services component is assigned to a user object to represent the amount of trust you have in that user?
D.Security Labels
Correct Answers: B

36: After completing a Remote Upgrade to OES NetWare on a server in a multi-server tree, which DSREPAIR operations should you run? (Choose 3.)
A.Import Remote Schema
B.Time Synchronization
C.Unattended Full Repair
D.Post NetWare 5 Schema Update
E.Report Synchronization Status
F.Designate This Server as the New Master Replica
Correct Answers: B C E

37: You plan to create an NSS storage pool named MY_POOL on your OES NetWare server. This pool will be composed of two partitions, one from each hard disk drive in the server. The total size of the pool will be 200 GB. You plan to create two NSS logical volumes named DATA and USERS from this pool. The DATA volume will be 175 GB in size while the USERS volume will be 50 GB in size. Will this configuration work?
A.Yes, all NSS requirements are met.
B.No, you can’t assign two partitions to the same pool.
C.No, you can’t create two volumes within the same pool.
D.No, the sum of the sizes of the volumes within a single pool can’t exceed the size of the pool.
Correct Answers: A

38: Which command will allow open files on an NSS volume named VOL1 to be copied during a consolidation project?
Correct Answers: B

39: Which statement is true concerning a CIFS Primary Domain Controller running on OES NetWare?
A.Trust relationships are supported.
B.Active Directory functionality is supported.
C.Replication between Microsoft and Novell PDCs is not supported.
D.Windows domain administration utilities can be used to manage a Novell PDC.
Correct Answers: C

40: Given that your OES NetWare server has a DNS name of; which URL would you use to access iManager 2.5?
Correct Answers: D

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