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2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass NOVELL 050-701 Exam Questions Part:A (51-60)

51: You are a regional network administrator performing a Remote Upgrade to OES NetWare on a NetWare 5.1 server. The server has 512 MB of RAM, an 80 GB hard disk drive with a 1 GB DOS partition, and Support Pack 6 installed. Your user object has the Supervisor right to the container where the server resides and Browse rights to the root of the tree. Will the upgrade be successful?
A.Yes, the system meets all prerequisites.
B.No, you must have the Supervisor right to the root of the tree.
C.No, you must increase the amount of  RAM installed in the server.
D.No, you must increase the size of the  DOS partition is too small.
E.No, you can’t perform a Remote Upgrade on a NetWare 5.1 server. You must use an In-Place Upgrade.
Correct Answers: B

52: Click the Point and Click button to begin.
Click on the task within the Passwords role in iManager that you would use to enable Universal Password in your eDirectory tree.

Correct Answers:


53: What is the function of the rbsCollection object?
A.Represents a leaf object used for ACL assignments.
B.Represents a leaf object that holds a specific function.
C.Represents a container object that holds rbsTask and rbsBook objects.
D.Specifies the tasks that users who are members are authorized to perform.
E.Represents a container object that holds all RBS Role and Module objects.
Correct Answers: E

54: You’ve just activated a pool snapshot named DATA_POOL_S3. The volume in the original pool is named DATA. What is the default name of the volume in the activated pool snapshot?
Correct Answers: B

55: Which products are installed in a Pre-Migration Server patterned deployment? (Choose 3.)
C.Tomcat 4
E.Remote Manager
F.Storage Management Services
Correct Answers: D E F

56: Tomcat won’t start on your OES NetWare server. When you check the logger screen, you see the following error:
“tccheck: LDAP is not up yet; waiting…”
How can you resolve this problem? (Choose 2.)
A.Restart Tomcat.
B.Reinstall Tomcat.
C.Reinstall Apache Web Server.
D.Uninstall Tomcat 4 and install Tomcat 5.
E.Verify that the LDAP Server object’s TSL/SSL port is set to 636.
F.Delete all web applications from the Sys:\Tomcat\4\Webapps directory.
G.Verify that Disable SSL Port is not marked in the properties of the LDAP Server object.
Correct Answers: E G

57: To improve your OES NetWare server’s disk performance, you decide to split part of the heavily used DATA volume, a traditional volume, to a new NSS volume on the same server. Can you do this?
A.Yes, all prerequisite requirements for volume splits have been met.
B.No, traditional volumes can’t be split.
C.No, a volume split requires the new volume be created on a remote server.
D.No, splitting a traditional volume requires the new volume to be another traditional volume.
Correct Answers: B

58: You are planning a consolidation of two NetWare 5.1 servers to an OES NetWare server. You’re using a Windows XP Home workstation with Novell Client 4.9 installed. Each server has the latest Support Pack installed. Will this consolidation succeed?
A.Yes, the systems meet all prerequisite requirements.
B.No, you can’t consolidate NetWare 5.1 servers to OES NetWare.
C.No, the Server Consolidation Utility is not compatible with Windows XP Home.
D.No, the Server Consolidation Utility is incompatible with Novell Client version 4.9.
E.No, you must uninstall all Support Packs from the source servers before consolidating them.
Correct Answers: C

59: When working with the IP Address Management utility on OES NetWare, which type of IP address assignment will configure a service to use the first IP address bound on the server?
D.Default IP
Correct Answers: D

60: You want to set up an iSCSI shared disk system on your OES NetWare server. The server has Support Pack 1 installed and is connected to the Ethernet network using dual, load-balanced Gigabit Ethernet network adapters. The storage to be used for the iSCSI shared disk system is contained within a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device that is connected to the same Ethernet network segment. Will this configuration work?
A.Yes, all iSCSI prerequisites have been met.
B.No, you must install Support Pack 2 or later on the server.
C.No, iSCSI can’t be used with load-balanced network boards.
D.No, iSCSI can only be implemented on a NetWare server with directly-attached storage devices.
Correct Answers: D

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