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2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass NOVELL 050-701 Exam Questions Part:A (11-20)

11: How many snapshots can exist on a particular stored-on pool?
Correct Answers: E

12: Where are the files for the Tomcat service located on an OES NetWare server?
Correct Answers: D

13: Which password does the CIFS service on an OES NetWare server use, by default, to authenticate clients?
A.NIS Password
B.LDAP Password
C.Simple Password
D.Universal Password
E.eDirectory Password
Correct Answers: C

14: What is the role of the ARKCONFIG.XML file?
A.It contains the interval for running Versioning jobs.
B.It contains configuration settings for the Archive Server.
C.It contains XML code for configuring an upgrade from Archive and Versioning Services 1.0.
D.It contains XML configuration settings for the Archive and Versioning Services MySQL instance.
Correct Answers: B

15: You’ve copied a file named userdata.iso to the root directory of the DATA volume on your OES NetWare server. You want to mount this ISO image as a volume. Which server console command will do this?
C.nss /MountImage=DATA:\USERDATA.ISO
D.nss /MountImageVolume=DATA:\USERDATA.ISO
Correct Answers: D

16: You want to upgrade a NetWare 6 server with Support Pack 1 to OES NetWare. The server hardware uses dual Pentium II 400 MHz CPUs, 512 MB RAM, an 8 GB hard disk drive with a 200 MB DOS partition, and a USB mouse. Can this server be upgraded?
A.Yes, the server meets all prerequisite requirements.
B.No, OES NetWare requires PIII 750 MHz CPUs or later.
C.No, the server’s CPU is too slow and the hard disk drive is too small.
D.No, the server’s DOS partition is too small and USB mice aren’t supported.
E.No, the server doesn’t have enough RAM and must have Support Pack 3 or later applied.
F.No, the server’s DOS partition is too small and must have Support Pack 5 or later applied.
Correct Answers: F
17: The iSCSI SAN Storage Server patterned deployment makes the OES NetWare server an iSCSI ___________.


18: A server that accesses iSCSI shared storage is called an iSCSI _______________.


19: Which Novell Modular Authentication Services component is assigned to a user object to represent the amount of trust you have in that user?
D.Security Labels
Correct Answers: B

20: You want to create a pool snapshot of the DATA_POOL on your server. You want to use DATA_POOL_S as the stored on pool. You want to name the snapshot DATA_POOL_S1. What command could you use from the server console to do this? snap DATA_POOL DATA_POOL_S DATA_POOL_S1 create snap create DATA_POOL DATA_POOL_S DATA_POOL_S1 snap DATA_POOL_S1 DATA_POOL DATA_POOL_S create snap create DATA_POOL_S DATA_POOL DATA_POOL_S1 snap create DATA_POOL DATA_POOL_S1 DATA_POOL_S
Correct Answers: B

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