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2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass NOVELL 050-701 Exam Questions Part:A (41-50)

41: After completing a Remote Upgrade to OES NetWare on a server in a multi-server tree, which DSREPAIR operations should you run? (Choose 3.)
A.Import Remote Schema
B.Time Synchronization
C.Unattended Full Repair
D.Post NetWare 5 Schema Update
E.Report Synchronization Status
F.Designate This Server as the New Master Replica
Correct Answers: B C E

42: What is the function of the rbsTask object?
A.Represents a leaf object used for ACL assignments.
B.Represents a leaf object that holds a specific function.
C.Specifies the tasks that users (members) are authorized to perform.
D.Represents a container object that holds rbsTask and rbsBook objects.
E.Represents a container object that holds all RBS Role and Module objects.
Correct Answers: B

43: Which directory is the document root for the Public Instance of Apache Web Server running on an OES NetWare server?
Correct Answers: B

44: You’re installing a new OES NetWare server. The hardware you are using has dual PIII 1.13 GHz CPUs, 384 MB of RAM, and a 40 GB SCSI SCA hard disk drive. Will the installation be successful?
A.Yes, the hardware meets all prerequisites.
B.No, OES NetWare requires 512 MB or more RAM.
C.No, OES NetWare doesn’t support multiprocessor systems.
D.No, OES NetWare doesn’t support SCSI SCA hard disk drives.
E.No, OES NetWare requires an 80 GB or larger hard disk drive.
Correct Answers: B

45: While performing a consolidation project from NetWare 5.1 to OES NetWare, you encounter SMDR communication errors and the consolidation fails. What is the resolution to this problem?
A.Enable binary comparison.
B.Wait for eDirectory to synchronize.
C.Verify that NDPSM.NLM has been loaded on both servers.
D.Migrate the source server to NetWare 6.0 using the Migration Wizard first; then consolidate the server to OES NetWare.
E.Place an entry for the source server in the destination server’s HOSTS file; then place an entry for the destination server in the source server’s HOSTS file.
Correct Answers: E

46: Which NSS volume attribute allows you to electronically overwrite deleted and purged data areas to prevent unauthorized users from using a disk editor to access deleted files?
B.Data Shredding
C.Modified File List
D.Snapshot – File Level
E.Flush Files Immediately
Correct Answers: B

47: Which files are created in SYS:\ETC when a server has been designated as host for the NSS VLDB service?  (Choose 3.)
Correct Answers: A D F

48: Click the Point and Click button to begin.
You need to run a full unattended repair on the eDirectory database on the DA1 server. Click the option you would use in iMonitor to do this.

Correct Answers:


49: While upgrading a NetWare 6 server to OES NetWare, the following error message has been displayed on the server:
“Error Binding IP to AMD_PCI1. Make sure this card’s IP address is not already in use.”
The server has hung and you can’t complete the upgrade. What caused this to happen?
A.An incorrect board name has been assigned to the network interface.
B.The wrong .LAN driver has been loaded for the server’s network board.
C.The same IP address is being assigned twice to the same network board.
D.The latest support pack has not been installed on the NetWare 6 server.
E.Your server’s startup files were stored in a directory named something other than “C:\Nwserver”.
Correct Answers: E

50: If a NetWare 4.1 server exists in the tree where you plan to install an OES NetWare server, what must you do?
A.Remove the server from the tree.
B.Use the View and Update NDS option in Deployment Manager.
C.Use the Extend the Core Schema option in Deployment Manager.
D.Use the Prepare for New eDirectory option in Deployment Manager.
E.Use the Generate GUIDs on NetWare 4 Servers option in Deployment Manager.
Correct Answers: A

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