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2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass NOVELL 050-701 Exam Questions (31-40)

31: Which files are created in SYS:\ETC when a server has been designated as host for the NSS VLDB service?  (Choose 3.)


Correct Answers: A D F

32: To start the Archive Server, you enter _________________ at the server console. Answer:
Correct Answers:

33: What must you do before deactivating a stored-on pool?

A.Rebuild the original pools that have snapshots on the stored-on pool.
B.Activate the original pools that have snapshots on the stored-on pool.
C.Deactivate the original pools that have snapshots on the stored-on pool.
D.Activate other stored-on pools that have snapshots on the stored-on pool to be deactivated.

Correct Answers: C

34: What steps do you need to take to prepare a Windows 2000 or XP Professional workstation to run the Migration Wizard? (Choose 2.)

A.Disable burst mode in the Novell Client.
B.Disable file caching in the Novell Client.
C.Verify that Microsoft SQL Server is installed.
D.Install Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8 or later.
E.Disable the Auto Reconnect parameter in the Novell Client.
F.Verify that Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 is installed.

Correct Answers: B D

36: When performing a Default Installation of OES NetWare, which parameters are configured automatically by the installation program? (Choose 2.)

A.Codepage 437
B.VGA video mode
C.4 GB SYS volume
D.4 GB DATA volume
E.Basic NetWare File Server patterned deployment

Correct Answers: A C

36: A request has been received by the Apache Web Server that requires processing by the Tomcat service running on your OES NetWare server. Which module is used by Apache to open a socket to the Tomcat service to process the request?


Correct Answers: A

37: After completing a Remote Upgrade to OES NetWare on a server in a multi-server tree, which DSREPAIR operations should you run? (Choose 3.)

A.Import Remote Schema
B.Time Synchronization
C.Unattended Full Repair
D.Post NetWare 5 Schema Update
E.Report Synchronization Status
F.Designate This Server as the New Master Replica

Correct Answers: B C E

38: Which server console command is used to display a summary of your CIFS server’s configuration and active  shares on an OES NetWare server?


Correct Answers: B

39: Which OES NetWare service allows users to find and restore deleted files without help desk support?

C.Virtual Office
D.Identity Manager
E.Archive and Versioning
F.Novell File Access Protocols

Correct Answers: E

40: You have two security labels in your NMAS graded authentication configuration: Label L1 and label L2. The secrecy categories within label L1 includes all of the secrecy categories of label L2. L2’s integrity categories include all of the integrity categories in L1. What is the relationship between label L1 and label L2?

A.L1 is dominate
B.L2 is dominate
C.L1 and L2 are equal
D.The relationship between L1 and L2 is incomparable.

Correct Answers: A

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